Claesson Engineering and Yovinn sign development & engineering contract for aftermarket parts

Claesson Engineering has joined forces with design & research company Yovinn to design, CAD and manufacture parts for the aftermarket in the automotive business. Yovinn is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and have an long experience in the automotive business.

Claesson Engineering AB in the latest issue of CNC Machining

…a big day for us here at Claesson Engineering, as we get our first 5-axis milling machine delivered from Haas Automation…

Edströms Maskin AB today delivers our first fully 5-axis milling machine. It is, as so many time before, a machien from American Haas Automation. The model is UMC-750, and it is a valued addition to our production. the delivery means that we now have a total of 13 Haas machines… and for sure there are more to come in the future

New machine to Claesson Engineering AB

…en stor dag för oss här på Claesson Engineering, då vi får vår första 5-axliga fräs levererad av Haas Automation…

Edströms maskin levererar idag vår första fullt 5-axliga fräs. Det är som så många gånger tidigare en Haas maskin. Modellen heter UMC-750, och är ett mycket välkommet tillskott till vår maskinpark. Leveransen av dagens masin innebär att vi nu totalt köpt 13 Haas maskiner av Edströms maskin… och fler lär det bli framöver.

New lathe to Claesson Engineering AB

Claesson Engineering AB has invested in a new multiaxis lathe from HAAS Automation. Our machine, DS-30SSY was machine no. 150.000 built and sold by HAAS.

There are now 150.000 HAAS machines installed around the world, and machine no. 150.000 was a DS-30SSY bought by us at Claesson Engineering AB. The machine was displayed at the M.A.X fair in Stockholm, Sweden, before being installed at Claesson Engineering AB.

DS-30SSY is an advanced lathe, equiped with dual spindels, live tooling and y-axis to be able to produce advanced components. The machine is specially suitable to produce advanced components in smalled production batches.